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Ryan Clark

2011 JC graduate and A2A founder

My name is Ryan Clark and a few years ago my great friends Arthur, Brian, Cody and I created Athletes 2 Athletes initially to compete in a business competition. Never could we have imagined that it would grow as rapidly as it has. With the help of Joseph Schieve and Matthew Zelesnikar, it has become extremely well known in the community. The community is extremely important when it comes to A2A. A2A is not just find money and use it, but rather we try to bring the community together, to raise money to donate to a charity in need. So in reality, yes, the students of Johnson City High School are running A2A, but the community, when working together, is Athletes 2 Athletes. A2A is not what it is today without the people of Johnson City. We definitely cannot do what we do without our gracious community. I couldn’t be prouder of what Athletes 2 Athletes has become and I want to thank not just Joe, Matt and the current students of A2A, but I also everyone who has ever donated, attended a game, or helped create a basket that was later raffled off.


Even though I am no longer part of the Athletes 2 Athletes everyday business, A2A holds a special place in my heart. I am constantly telling people about Athletes 2 Athletes and the effect that it has had on our community.


I first started spreading the word of Athletes 2 Athletes at college when I attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Today, I spread the word with my teammates in the Atlanta Braves organization. In June 2015 my life changed forever when I was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 5th round, 150th overall, in the Major League Baseball June Amateur Draft. I hope that I can continue to spread the word of Athletes 2 Athletes wherever I end up and I look forward to watching it grow and watch the community grow around it.

Arthur Hrostowski

2011 Johnson City Graduate

My name is Arthur Hrostowski, senior year of Mr. Schieve’s Foundations to Business class he told us all of an opportunity to compete in the Greater Binghamton’s Scholastic Challenge. Accepting to the challenge of coming up with our own group idea to present in front of local business leaders, myself Ryan, Cody, and Brian all took off running with the idea of Athletes 2 Athletes. A2A as I am sure you know has greatly impacted our community and those around us. I enjoyed every second of working with my friends to make a difference in our community and I am so happy to see the continued support from the community to help those in need.  

Over the years Matt Zelesnikar and Joe Schieve have been the two behind the scenes helping ensure the heart of A2A is run by hard working and determined students driven to make a difference. The students after us have significantly risen the bar on expectations after our first year in the local community. I have monitored the progress and always kept in touch with Joe and Matt so when I have a chance to go home I can attend an A2A meeting and know it is still in good hands; always thriving to be better and always putting the community first. I would like to extend my appreciation to all the faculty and students of Johnson City who has had any part of A2A fundraising or event coordination. Also, to the friends and families who have helped with raffles, attendance, or donations along the way.         

Brian Doyle

2011 Johson City Graduate and A2A founder

My name is Brian Doyle and in 2011 when we were in high school, three of my closest friends Arthur Hrostowski, Cody Arvanitakis, Ryan Clark, and I initially formed Athletes 2 Athletes (A2A) as a business idea for the Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge. Instead of stopping there, we continued to grow the idea until it was a full-fledged business. Later on that school year we won the Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge. Many years later, the organization is still flourishing at Johnson City High School. Without Joseph Schieve and Matthew Zelesnikar, Athletes 2 Athletes could not continue to perform and assist the community at the outstanding level that it does today. A2A is all about assisting and bringing together the Johnson City community. The organization is more than just a fundraising entity, but something that I believe strengthens the community of Johnson City and brings the students at JCHS together every year. I couldn’t be prouder of what A2A has accomplished so far and I look forward to what it will continue to achieve in the future. None of this success could have been done without the hard work of Mr. Schieve, Mr. Zelesnikar, the students who run it, the community members who support it, and the faculty within the Johnson City School District who help keep it going year after year.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for all of their support, commitment, and participation.

After graduating from Johnson City High School, I attended SUNY Broome before enrolling at Binghamton University and graduating in 2015. I have attempted to stay active with A2A as an advisor to the current students to the best of my abilities. I have continued to keep active in athletics by running, cycling, and taking part in obstacle course racing in the local area and around the state. Staying active in various athletic events has helped me keep true to the original ethos of Athletes 2 Athletes and I look forward to  every opportunity to tell others about the organization.

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