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Dylan Richards

Class of 2018 Graduate

Dylan is currently a senior at Johnson City High School and this is his second year in A2A. When he is not in school, Dylan enjoys playing baseball all year round as well as golf in the fall. Dylan also plays the trumpet in the school band and jazz band. After high school, Dylan would like to pursue his baseball career in college and hopefully join the military. What Dylan says about being in A2A: “A2A is a great way of raising money for our community. I hope to help everyone in the community to better their lives and needs”.

Megan Carpenter

Class of 2018 Graduate

Megan is a senior at Johnson City High School. She has been actively involved with varsity soccer, where she is the team captain, as well as lacrosse and indoor track throughout her high school experience. She is a member of Varsity Club and Spirit Club also. Megan says: "I have admired every aspect of A2A as well as the members of it for several years now which is why I cannot express my eagerness to begin giving to those in need and helping the people of this community." 

Breelyn Kress

Class of 2018 Graduate

Breelyn is currently a senior at Johnson City High School and is in her second year of being part of A2A. She participates in varsity cheerleading and is a member of Spirit Club, Key Club, and Varsity Club. Breelyn is looking forward to the experiences A2A has to offer and says: “Athletes2Athletes is an amazing organization that shows support to our community along with those in need, and I am honored to have this opportunity to be a part of it.”

Molly Burdick

Class of 2018 Graduate

Molly is a senior and is in her second year with A2A. She runs cross country where she has advanced to the state meet for the past four years, indoor track and outdoor track, also advancing to the state meets. She also is on the varsity basketball team and played for the Flyers National team during AAU season. Molly is also heavily involved in the music department. She is excited to be in A2A and looks forward to helping those in need.

Tasia Robinson

Class of 2018 Graduate

Tasia Robinson is a senior this is her first year with A2A.Tasia is involved in 3 sports tennis,indoor track and softball. She also is involved in spirit club and photography club. I’m extremely thankful to be apart of Athletes 2 Athletes and help and give back to people in my community!

Sierra Saunders

Class of 2018 Graduate

Sierra is a Senior at Johnson City high school and this is her second year being involved in A2A. She runs indoor track and plays lacrosse. Sierra plans on spending the next four years at St. Bonaventure university to major in biochemistry. One thing Sierra has to say about being apart of A2A is "i'm extremely blessed to work with such a hardworking group of students and raise money for a good cause."

Samantha Majewski

Class of 2018 Graduate

Samantha is a senior at Johnson City High School and is in her second year as an A2A member. Samantha is a captain on the girls’ varsity lacrosse team and also plays on a travel team. She plays on the girls’ varsity soccer team and indoor track as well. She is a part of Varsity Club and Spirit Club. She plans on furthering her education and lacrosse career by attending a four-year college which is currently undecided. What Samantha says about being a part of A2A: “I’m extremely honored to be a part of this remarkable group, I’ve always looked up to the people involved in A2A, and I am looking forward to working with so many new people. I am excited to help out the community and those who are in need in this area.”

Sam Carter

Class of 2018 Graduate

Sam has been a part of both the sport and music departments in the high school since freshman year. During the school year, he tries his best to keep good grades and balance his after school activities. These include: ski club, marching band, the musical, jazz band, Tri-M, and National Honor Society. He has advanced to the state meet for outdoor track four years in a row and hopes to continue running in college. He is honored and excited to be a part of A2A and to help so many people in his area.

RJ Fox

Class of 2018 Graduate

RJ is a senior at JCHS. He has played a number of sports and this past fall season joined the cross country team and his performances advanced him to the state meet. He also runs track (indoor and outdoor). RJ is the president of his class and is also heavily involved in the music department. RJ looks forward to his second year in A2A and believes it will be a memorable experience.

Natalie Novak

Class of 2018 Graduate

Natalie is a senior and this is her second year being a part of A2A. She has loved sports and athletics from a young age. Natalie is a three sport athlete for high school and plays on travel teams outside of school. She had attended two volleyball National Championships, two High Performance National Championships, and two National Championships for softball. Also, Natalie has attended the USA Volleyball Region Prospects National Training Program at Arizona State University in December of 2016. Natalie believes that “A2A is a great program. It is a chance to help people in our community and to be a part of something bigger than myself”.

Adrianna Potenziano

Class of 2018 Graduate

Adrianna is a senior and a first year member of A2A.  She does indoor track in the winter and softball in the spring during the school year. She is secretary of national honors society as well as Vice President of student government. Her plans are to attend St.Bonaventure University in the fall of 2018 and study Biology. Adrianna says “I am grateful to be a member of such an amazing organization that gives back to those in need. The ability to give my time and effort to make the lives of those struggling a little bit easier is such a humble feeling.”

Dana Alkuisi

Class of 2017 Graudate

Dana is a senior at Johnson City and is a first year member of A2A. She stays connected with her community by volunteering at Lourdes hospital and nursing homes. She wishes to continue her education to become a physician assistant and make a difference in the community. What Dana says about being part of A2A is: “Athletes2Athletes is an opportunity to connect with people and a way to give back to the community. Also, this is a program that makes people aware of what other people are going through and how as a community we can come together for a good cause.”

Morgan Chilson

Class of 2017 Graduate

Morgan is a senior and is in her first year with A2A. She plays varsity volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse, and is the captain for all three. Morgan is also in Varsity Club as well as the secretary for the senior class. She plans to attend a four-year college while studying psychology or education, while playing either volleyball or lacrosse. What Morgan has to say about being a part of A2A: “Atheletes2Athletes gives me the opportunity to give back to people in my community and greatly impact their lives, and there is no better feeling. I hope to continue helping people throughout my life, and to continue spreading the word about A2A”.

Sam Shattuck

Class of 2017 Graduate

Sam is a senior at Johnson City High School and in his first year as a part of A2A. He plays varsity golf and baseball for the Wildcats as well as Varsity Club and Spirit Club. He plans on going to a 4-year university to study Sports Management and Finance. Sam loves being around the sports industry and helping others in need. What Sam says about being part of A2A, “Athletes2Athletes gives me the opportunity to connect with my community and give back to them as the Greater Binghamton area has molded me to the person I am today”.

Minh Chow

Class of 2017 Graduate

Minh is a second year A2A member. Minh plays on the boys varsity soccer team and runs both indoor and outdoor track. He loves to do anything that involves athletics and that's part of the reason why he has taken part in A2A. Minh will be attending New York University to play soccer and study business. What Minh says about being part of A2A: "I hope to raise money for local families and kids through A2A and learn buissness ideas along the way. In the future I hope to apply what I have learned in A2A to help others that are in need."

Bridfette Fendick

Class of 2017 Graduate

Bridgette is a senior at Johnson City High School and is second year A2A member. She is an active volunteer at the hospital and in the future Bridgette hopes to have a job in the medical field so she can continuing helping those in need for the rest of her life. What Bridgette says about being part of A2A is,

"Athletes 2 athletes is an incredible program that has given me the opportunity to help out those in need and I couldn't ask for a more rewarding program to be apart of!"

Grady Coughlin

Class of 2017 Graduate

Grady is a second year A2A member. While at Johnson City, Grady has been involved in varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Grady’s first love however is lacrosse, and he has committed to play at the Division II level for Lynn University. What Grady says about his involvement in A2A: "Coming up through Johnson City School District I always looked up to A2A members and hoped one day I'd be lucky enough to join myself. I'm really excited to get the chance to work with my fellow A2A members to better our community and help out in any way we can”.

Stamatia Dimitriou

Class of 2017 Graduate

Stamatia is a senior at Johnson City High School and is honored to be a returning member of A2A. She has been a competitive dancer at Dancescapes for 15 years and enjoys music opportunities as well as community service within the National Honor Society through the school as well. She is honored to be a part of such a wonderful team and says that being a part of A2A "has allowed [her] the opportunity to not only help those who need it most, but help [herself] with business, social and humbling experiences", she is interested in business and marketing design as a career pursuit, but helping those in need and giving back to her community will always be a part of her life. 

Alex Hein

Class of 2017 Graduate

Alex is in her second year with A2A. She loves the game of softball and plays for our Varsity softball team as well as a travel team, is apart of the the indoor track team, and is a National Honor Society member. She recently committed to play division II softball at Mansfield University. What Alex says about being apart of A2A:

"I am apart of Athletes 2 Athletes because I want to help people in need in the local community so they can live a better life and receive the help that they need. This organization has helped me further understand business, how to come together for a great cause, and I am honored to be apart of it". In the future, she plans to attend Mansfield to study Mass Communication.

Kate Jahelka

Class of 2017 Graduate

Kate is a senior as well as a returning member to A2A. She has had a passion for swimming since the age of 6, and currently she is the captain of the Varsity Swim Team and is involved in a local swim club, the Union Aquatic Club. Kate is also a member of Varsity Club and National Honor Society. Following this year, she plans on attending college to study Sports Management and Business. What Kate says about being part of A2A: "I find it extremely rewarding being a part of Athletes2Athletes. I love knowing that I can make a difference within the

Patrick Garey

Class of 2017 Graduate

This is Patrick’s second year being on the A2A team. Patrick is on the varsity baseball and soccer team and is captain of the varsity basketball team. He loves to participate in sport related activities, which led him to join A2A. What joining A2A means to Patrick:

"I want to help the people in our community the best I can and raise money to help those in need. In the future, I plan on playing college basketball and studying business management, and this will help me understand how businesses are operated".

Bronson Farr

Class of 2017 Graduate

Bronson is entering his last year of high school, his 6th year of Boys Varsity Swim, and his 1st year of A2A. Bronson looks to captain the Boys Swimming Program to a last successful season as a senior, he will is going to become a full time student at BCC as he looks to stay local and rooted to the community that made him into the man he is today. As this is Bronson’s 1st time in A2A he is extremely excited to show what he can do for the community as he has said, “A2A has been an organization that I’ve always admired, they handle themselves with utmost professionalism, and serve thoroughly meaningful causes, hence why I applied.”

Teril Boldiis

Class of 2016 Graduate

Teril was a single year member of A2A in his senior year. He was a defensive tackle for the Johnson City Varsity Football Team as well as a recipient of the Football Sportsmanship award. Teril was also involved in the Spirit Cub, National Honor society, student government, and was both the Vice President of Varsity Club and his class Secretary. He is studying electrical engineering at Suny Broome Community College and wants to own his own technology company one day. During Teril’s time spent in A2A, he says that "A2A has been one of the greatest experiences I had during High School. Knowing that local people in your  community care enough to help you during a time of adversity simply shows that there are still great people in world and gives you a sense of security that if you’re in dire need of help that your JC Wildcat Family has your back!"

Emily Cluck

Class of 2016 Graduate

Emily was a member of A2A for two years. Emily committed to run Division I track at Bryant University where she studies business. Emily had competed at the state level in both Cross Country and Track while at Johnson City. She was a member of Key Club, National Honor Society, Varsity Club, SADD, and Band. Emily says that "Since my soon to be brother in law founded A2A it has been my life dream to carry on the tradition. I also get to work with 2 of my favorite teachers Mr. Schieve and Mr. Z who have both made a huge impact on my life. I will take the lesson I learned in A2A with me to Bryant and hopefully have an impact there as well."

Kaleb Kille

Class of 2016 Graduate

Kaleb was involved in A2A for two years. He loves the game of baseball and plans to continue his education in accounting and baseball career at Niagara County Community College. Kaleb during his years involved says "A2A has given me an opportunity to serve my community in a way I can make a direct impact on people’s lives. It has been 2 of the best years of my life, I will take the lessons I learned from Mr. Schieve and Mr. Z and apply them to everything I do in my life."

Jake Thompson

Class of 2016 Graduate

Jake was a member of A2A for two years. He was a Varsity Football and Basketball Captain during his senior year and has committed to University of Albany to play football. He was a National Honor Society member as well as the Senior Class President. Jake says that he is "Blessed to be able to positively impact those in need in our community through A2A. A2A has taught me so much about life, and coming together for the greater good."

Andrew Furman

Class of 2016 Graduate

Andy was a member of A2A for two years and when he was outside of school, he enjoyed involving himself in many activities including playing baseball for the school and on his summer team. He also likes to lift weights and play pickup basketball in his free time. Andy is attending University of Kentucky and will be studying New Communication Media. With being a part of A2A, Andy says "Athletes 2 Athletes is one of the best organizations I've been involved with, I find it comforting knowing I can give back to the community that raised me into who I am today."

Brittany Carpenter

Class of 2016 Graduate

 Brittany was a member of A2A for two years. Brittany was a member of National Honor Society, the President of Varsity Club and she played soccer as well as ran track. She plans to become a physical therapist and is studying first at Broome Community College and will be possibly transferring to University of Albany or Stony Brook to further her studies. During her involvement in A2A, Brittany says that "A2A has given me the opportunity to give back to my community and I hope to continue serving others after I graduate."

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